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15 Reasons Yoshi The Maltipoo Is Cooler Than All Of Us

He's basically a Kardashian of the dog world. Except cuter.

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1. He starts his day with an espresso each morning.

His hobbies include:

2. Sippin' Rosé by the pool...

3. Getting his nails done, hair done, everything did...

5. Ain't nobody fresher than his clique.

6. Sunday Brunch? He wouldn't miss it.

7. He does it big on vacation.

8. His Ice Bucket Challenge video is better than yours.

9. Move over Drake - Yoshi's the real champagne papi.

Or should I say, champagne puppy.

Not to mention his impeccable sense of style:

10. This is his "I'm not a businessman, I'm a business, man" look.

11. Here he is in only the finest Italian cashmere.

12. His interpretation of "Loud Formal":

13. And lastly, would you look at his weekend chic wear?

14. Basically, he's a total badass.

15. And with a face like that, what can't he get away with!?

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