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    15 Horrible Odors You Can't Unsmell

    Yo homes, smell ya later!

    1. Uggs after a long winter of sweaty fuzzy socks.

    2. The breath of someone who's consumed too much garlic.

    3. Garbage on a hot summer's day.

    4. Good ol' B.O.

    5. The scent that can only mean a skunk is near by and he's not happy.

    6. Bio lab on the dreaded day of dissection.

    7. Every Porta-Potty ever.

    8. Flatulence - especially after beans :/

    9. Freshly laid mulch.

    10. Rotten eggs.

    11. The room where kitty chose to disregard her litter box.

    12. Teenage boys doused in Axe.

    13. All kinds of fish, raw or cooked.

    14. FAILURE.

    15. And lastly, laundry you forgot to remove from the washing machine :(