14 Things Chronically Sweaty People Know To Be True

All weather is sweat-er weather.

1. You sweat when it’s hot.

2. You sweat when it’s cold.

Warner Bros. / Via talkstephenking.blogspot.com

3. Any given day of the year, you’re probably sweating.

Touchstone Pictures / Via i866.photobucket.com

4. You have come to accept that pit stains are part of everyday life,

MTV / Via tacomaworld.com

5. As is having to buy a new white tee every month.

6. God forbid you have to present in front of a group of people.

7. You find ways to adapt though, like wearing darker colors and doing the half-arm raise in class.

Paramount Pictures / Via tumblr.com

8. You frequently blot yourself dry with paper towel.

Disney / Via media.giphy.com

9. And you’ve shamelessly stood under the hand-dryer to target the armpit region.

Orion Pictures / Via hollywoodandhighland.com

Works like a charm!

10. The baggy/oversized shirts trend has been the greatest thing to happen to you.

Little to no armpit to clothing friction.

11. And tank top season is probably your favorite.

Aw yeahh let those babies breathe!

12. Heck if you could wear a bathing suit all day, you probably would.

AP Photo/Sports Illustrated, James Macari

13. Anything less than clinical strength antiperspirant just won’t do.

DreamWorks / Via myreactiongifs.com

14. If only you could put it on your forehead too.

Paramount Pictures / Via i.imgur.com

and your lip, hands, and entire body.

But don’t sweat it. You are not alone!

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