Chris W
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    • Chris W

      You actually have no idea about the topic. If people were able to choose to be gay, many more people would choose to be straight to avoid having to discuss non-issues like this with uneducated (!!!) people like you. This also goes for your “save the children”-bullsh*t. They don’t think being gay is “cool” and want to be that way. You just don’t choose to be gay. This is simply not how it works. People simply ARE homosexual, just as some others are black or others have red hair. That is how easy it is. Read a book and don’t believe your fascist government’s uneducated, religiously influenced unscientific BULLSH*T propaganda. And being gay is just as normal as being straight. That is the reason for these parades in the first place. Your hatred is the reason. You don’t need to get paid for it, hate is rife and all around in Russia. Everyone who is not white, Russian, Christian and heterosexual is discriminated against by the majority of Russians, who are in general racist, backwards and full of hate towards anyone who is different and not like them. The Russian government ignores skinhead gangs and other thugs killing Caucasians in Moscow. On Hitler’s birthday foreign students are locked up in their dorms in Moscow because gangs of skinheads are looking for someone to stab and kill. Disgusting. And now go read a book, because you, my dear, have a whole sh*tload to learn about life and humanity. Just as your dictatorship government. Greetings from the Free World.

    • Chris W

      I always wonder why people hold Israel and Israelis to such a high standard. Most of the people on here come from the US - were all of you murderers and torturers when Abu Ghraib took place? I think most of you people on here have no idea what you are even talking about, I just think most people think it is fashionable to support Palestinians and thus the terrorist organisations who use their own people and f*ck with them. Other questions arising here: Why do their Muslim “brothers” not fund education, food and infrastructure but rockets? Ever thought of that? I’m not a supporter of Israeli policies, especially regarding their settlement policy but what I don’t support either is being a judgemental *sshole without knowing anything about Israeli society or the variety of opinions and people that live in that country. They were born there and they most certainly like it there. So they defend their country. If it is intelligent to hashtag a post “kill” is another question (Idiots are everywhere - as we can see in the comment section of this post) but most of them did not and to most this is their reality - so why judge them for posting it? And why even think about judging them for smiling? You never smile on pictures…? Hm.

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