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The 3 Types Of Guys In Washington, DC (Part 1)

Men in Washington DC fall into 3 categories: The Trust Fund Baby(TFB), The Self Made Tycoon(SMT), and The Just Getting By Guy(JGBG).

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In this article, I will explain how JGBG's operate.

Alright, so the JGBG might not have a ton of money, but he's rich with love. Besides, money can't buy you happiness, right? This type of man will avoid women who frequently babble about material things, or social status, because everything this kind of woman wants will be completely out of his price range, making him feel inadequate.

He'll say "this woman is too far out of my league and I won't be able to give her what she wants." "Thus, I won't ever be able to make her truly happy." I can't say I would't blame him for feeling that way. He should just cut his losses early and keep whatever money he does have, safe in his pocket.

For that reason, the JGBG is looking for is a nice, sweet, woman who is more impressed with his thoughtfulness than his income bracket. This man won't necessarily buy you the most expensive gifts on your birthday, but I guarantee he will make sure to buy you, or make you, something with sentimental value.

Besides, a personally made gift is one of a kind, it is irreplaceable, it is special, and it is something even the best manufacturers couldn't make for you. It's like going to the prom and knowing that there won't be anyone on the dance floor with your same dress on. Further, when you tell your girlfriends about the gift your man made for you, they will envy you, not just because of the gift, but because they don't have a guy that is as compassionate and loving as your man.

Additionally, the JGBG will surprise you with gifts more often than the TFB and SMT; however, his gifts will be small but, nevertheless, thoughtful. For example, he might come over on the weekend and asked to borrow your car so he can surprise you by washing it.

Or he might win a raffle during his office Christmas party and purposely choose the Michael Buble CD for the prize, because he knows that you really like his music. This is a sign that you are on the guys' mind all the time. Importantly, if you date this type of guy you will need to be extremely patient when it comes to big gifts, and you'll need to be a woman who is most appreciative of noble gifts, and cognizant of kind gestures.

Early on, this guy will try to swoon you with spontaneity. He will be 10 times more spontaneous than the TFB and the SMT. For example, instead of taking you out to a fancy dinner, he will pick you up for a date and take you on a joy ride to the best fish market in town, where you can pick out your favorite fish to eat (prices at the fish market are very affordable and the freshness is hard to beat).

After getting all of the ingredients, he will take you back to his place and look up some recipes, and proceed to make you the most fabulous homemade dinner (with you as his sous chef). This man will win you over by making you feel like the center of his universe, because at his home, there will be no distractions during dinner, and he will have you all to himself (something men should always want with the lady they fancy).

You'll be working together as a team to make the whole dinner come together. And couples that work well as a team often succeed in life and in their relationships.

As such, making dinner together can serve as a test to determine your teamwork compatibility. Don't 'they' always say "it doesn't matter where you are, it's who you're with that really matters?" The JGBG, contrary to the TFB, will show you his love and affection by spending a lot of time with you (not by spending tons of money on you).

This guy puts love, sweat and time into giving you everything you need and deserve, and he will demonstrate how much he adores you through his actions.

Stay Tuned for Part 2

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