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Michael Bublé Doesn't Know How To Eat Corn On The Cob And It's Kinda Depressing, TBH

"Is this a banana?" he asked, probably.

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Every Canadian mom's favourite singer, Michael Bublé, was recently spotted at Disneyland having absolutely zero clue what to do with corn on the cob.

Fern Sharpshooter/Splash News/Corbis

He's just shoving it on in, tip-first, like a goddamn banana. Or corndog. Or popsicle. Or other longer-than-they-are-wide things.

Fern Sharpshooter/Splash News/Corbis

Honestly this is just embarrassing for everyone involved. Namely, Bublé and the entire nation of Canada.

Fern Sharpshooter / Splash News/Corbis
Fern Sharpshooter / Splash News/Corbis
Fern Sharpshooter / Splash News/Corbis

But could it get any worse? Of course it could. Because the photo was picked up by the Photoshop Battles subreddit and magic like this started to happen.

lukalucasluka / Via

And this.

greatminds1 / Via

Also this.

Aptivus42 / Via

As well as this nightmare fuel.

InnererSchweinehund / Via

Look, life can he hard. It can beat you down. Make you feel worthless. But you know what? At least you know how to eat corn.

Next time you're feeling down just remember that Michael Buble doesn't know how to eat corn

UPDATE: Bublé has responded to #corngate2016 on his Facebook page. In addition to some punny hashtags, he called the fiasco "vegetable harassment" and said it's nobody's business what he does with his "cobb."

You do you, Bublé.
Michael Bublé / Via Facebook: MichaelBuble

You do you, Bublé.