Move Over Cronut: Introducing Piekies!

Baking’s newest fattening fusion is the piekie: cookies and filling encased in sweet pie crust! Davison shows you how to make six different kinds of piekies: traditional, piegestives, pietarts, pieeos, p’mores and pienuts.

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Thorough tutorial on how to make six different kinds of piekies.

2. Traditional Piekie!

Traditional piekie: pie crust + raw cookie dough + chocolate

3. Piegestive!

Pigestive: pie crust + digestive cookie + pie filling

4. Pietart!

Pietart: pie crust + Pop-Tart + apple sauce or pie filling + caramel + cinnamon

5. Pieeo!

Pieeo: pie crust + Oreo + marshmallow fluff + chocolate

6. P’more!

P’mores: pie crust + graham cracker + marshmallow fluff + chocolate

7. Pienut!

Pienut: pie crust + glazed doughnut + jelly

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