Five (5) Ways To Get And Stay Motivated Now

Daily we are confronted with challenges as we seek to achieve our goals; sometimes that challenge is not in the methodology of setting the goal but rather how to get and stay motivated to achieve that goal. We must learn what motivates us and add key pointers which are sure to help us achieve our goals each and every time.

Daily we are confronted with challenges as we seek to achieve our goals; sometimes that challenge is not in the methodology of setting the goal but rather how to get and stay motivated to achieve that goal. We must learn what motivates us and add key pointers which are sure to help us achieve our goals each and every time.

1. Learn Acceptance

There are certain things in life we can’t change and we must learn to accept those things when we stumble upon them. And then, there are those things which can be changed but we are not in a position to influence that change and therefore we must learn to accept these things too as well. Why is this important? This step is valuable because often when we meet ‘road-blocks’ we can get discouraged and loose the motivation to achieve the goal we were pursuing. But we must understand (and develop the skill) that when we are confronted with opposition we ask ourselves some questions: ‘how can we overcome, get around or go above this?” Doing this will ensure that we keep our motivation in check as the excitement to win over a challenge (knowing that it doesn’t mean the end of our goal) will keep us inspired to achieve. Acceptance is often the doorway we must pass through sometimes in order to arrive at our destinations.

2. Build A Support Team

Having the right people around you, especially when you need their support the most, is such a critical component to your success. There will be many times in life when you are down and out and need a ‘pick me up’ and if there is no support team, sadly many of us turn to our vices to soothe our problems. However, this just makes the situation worst, and yet again we are on the look out for some form of support before we run ourselves into a mental breakdown due to stress and lack of motivation. Therefore we must take the time to build a support team; this team may comprise of friends, family or a professional. You will be so glad that you took the time to build this team; this is a sure way to achieve motivation in those dark moments of life. If you really want to achieve your goals in life, you will make this a top priority.

3. Keep Smiling

It is said that we first think, then we feel what we think (emotions) then we act what we feel. Therefore following this process, as we face challenges and we think discouraging thoughts, we will begin to feel demotivated and subsequently, we will fail to put in 100% of effort into our goals and not be able to successfully deal with our problems. But luckily, in a strange way, the reverse to this process also works; do something long enough and you will begin to feel and think in accordance with what you’re doing. Therefore I say to you – keep smiling. In those moments when you really really feel ‘down-in-the-dirt’ smiling will seem significantly difficult to do but trust me when I say, do it long enough, and you will begin to feel different and realize that the discouraging thoughts you had are beginning to fade away. Yes, doing this does not get rid of the problem, but what it will do, is put you in the right frame of mind, emotion and action, to deal with the problem on a higher level with a clearer mind. Oddly as it sounds, this is an essential component to motivation and goal setting.

4. Learn What Makes You Happy and Keep Doing It

Sometimes we can get so involved in achieving our goals that we begin to cut a lot of activities in our lives just to remain focused on the tasks at hand; however one such activity which we often cut, is doing those things which make and keep us happy. Remaining focus is essential but when it begins to costs us our happiness then we have a problem. If you continue to do this, you will loose all forms of enjoyment and motivation to achieve your goals; this is not something you want to happen. Therefore always keep those activities that surely bring great enjoyment and happiness to you, alive. These activities may be going to the movies, spending time with family and friends, watching cartoons, playing a sport, going to the gym, etc. Whatever it is, once it is not a vice and causes no harm to humanity or you, do it. In those times when smiling doesn’t work and friends are not as supportive, you need to know how to get yourself happy. This will motivate you and propel the success of your goals.

5. Coach Yourself

While growing up, it use to be said that only crazy people talk to themselves, but as we see today, it is a normal activity for high achievers to coach themselves multiple times throughout the day – you must do this too! Research shows, that if we hear something long enough, we begin to believe it. Coaching and giving yourself inspirational nudges, helps you to achieve motivation and to keep it. We must not wait until we are already demotivated to do this; we should continuously do it throughout our day as we are working hard at our goals. This continual inspiration will provide a robust boost to self esteem, confidence and will ensure that demotivation is minimized. Some people rely solely on others and employers to motivate them, but the real strength of your motivation must come from you if it is to be long lasting and sustainable. Therefore, let self coaching be an integral and continuous part of your daily life.

Follow the guidelines above, and you will be sure to get and stay motivated. We live in a world that likes to throw a lot of challenges our way, and as we embrace this truth, let us do what we must to increase the likelihood of us achieving our goals.

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