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The 16 Pros & Cons Of Having A Girl Best Friend

Yes, we hang out with only each other. No, we're not dating.

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1. Pro: Girls make the best wingwomen.

Con: But they never approve of anyone you're interested in.

2. Pro: They double as a personal stylist.

Con: You have to pay back the favor.

3. Con: They'll make you go see chick flicks...

Pro: You have an excuse to go see chick flicks!

4. Pro: You're each other's prom date insurance if nobody else asks you.

Con: You're not getting laid.

5. Pro: Going out together has its perks.

Con: But if you run into her ex...

Except you're not exactly strangers.

Except you're not exactly strangers.

6. Pro: They make great roommates.

Con: Except for sometimes.

7. Con: This.

Pro: You can use their fancy-smelling bath products.

8. Con: Having a "boys night" is a thing of the past.

Pro: Girls make "guy things" more fun.

9. Pro: They document EVERYTHING you do.

Con: They'll make you take a million pictures until you get the "right angle."

10. Con: One of you is almost always the third wheel.

Pro: You don't have to fight over girls/guys.

11. Pro: Girls give the best girl advice.

Con: Guys give the worst guy advice.

12. Pro: They put on heels and walking into a club is all like, "Oooooh."

Con: They put on heels and walking out of a club is all like, "Oh noooooo!"

13. Pro: They can set you up with their single friends.

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Con: Your guy friends want you to set her up with them.

14. Pro: You can ask them things you can't ask your guy friends.

Con: You can't even THINK of returning the favor.

15. Con: Everyone assumes you're gay.

Astrid Stawiarz / Getty Images

Pro: Maybe you are!

16. Pro: You can tell your mom she's your girlfriend so that you could stop having this conversation...

Con: She can tell her dad you're her boyfriend and you have to have this conversation...

Now go give your girl best friend a big hug!

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