A Five Year Old Transplant Survivor’s Inspirational Message

A brave Australian boy’s heartwarming video to a fellow kidney transplant patient. In other news: the Buzzfeed office is out of tissues.

2. At the age of 3 Jack was suddenly diagnosed with kidney failure.

A result of chronic kidney disease, the failure is incurable and requires a kidney transplant for survival.

3. For over a year Jack was hooked up to machines until he successfully received his transplant.

4. This year he celebrated his fifth birthday!

5. Jack heard that Matthew “Moo Moo” Pietrzyk (age 7) is looking for a kidney.

Matthew is trying to raise 1,000,000 Facebook “likes” for a kidney.

6. So he sent him this moving message:

7. In it Jack gives Matthew some great advice about… not giving up.

9. Making the most of your life.

10. How to comfort your loved ones.

11. And that someone is always thinking of you.

14. You know Jack did!

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