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    41 GIFs Of The "Teen Wolf" Men To Make You Drool


    1. This is Scott, played by Tyler Posey. Those are his pecs.

    2. Scott and his wet pecs.

    3. Of course the mirror is fogging up.

    4. He's the prettiest.

    5. And he's all about bromances.


    7. This is Derek, played by Tyler Hoechlin.

    8. That's his bicep.

    9. And these... these are his eyes.

    10. *dies*

    11. Even when he's scary he's sexy.

    12. And he could probably lift, like, five of you.

    13. MARRY ME.

    14. Meet Stiles, played by Dylan O'Brien.

    15. There's a lot less shirtless scenes of Stiles. But he is still adorable.

    16. And he did this make out scene.

    17. And he talks about sex a lot.

    18. Jackson, played by Colton Haynes, isn't on the show this season.


    20. Which is a shame, because look at him.

    21. One time he did this cute thing with his eyebrow.

    22. And filmed himself sleeping.

    23. And... oh my God.

    24. New this seasons are twins Ethan and Aiden, played by Charlie and Max Carver.

    25. Speechless.

    26. Even bloody, this guy's a total stud.

    27. The pecs... They're so beautiful...

    28. Isaac, played by Daniel Sharman, is also really, really pretty. Hard to believe, I know.

    29. Look into his eyes.

    30. Take it off!

    31. One time he made all this really intense eye contact with Scott, and I fainted.

    32. Here he is changing next to Danny, played by Keahu Kahuanui.

    33. No! Don't put more clothes on!

    34. He has great nipples.

    35. And is overall just beautiful.

    36. Meet Boyd, played by Sinqua Walls.

    37. It's a shame there aren't more GIFs of him, because he's a tasty piece of man candy.

    38. Again, the scary is sexy.

    39. And last, but not least, a picture of the men from one generation up - Chris Argent, played by JR Bourne, and Peter Hale, played by Ian Bohen.

    40. They're a generation older, but still pretty damn sexy.

    41. Wouldn't you say?

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