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17 Stages Of Coming Out Of The Closet

Having a plane spell "I'm gay!" in the sky is still the most effective method.

1. First, you deny it even to yourself.

2. You can admit it in your mind.

3. You worry about people's reactions.

4. The secret eats away at you.

5. You eventually confide in a close friend.

6. The tiny taste of freedom is exhilarating.

7. You start to tell a few more people.

8. People react kindly.

9. Some people are a little too reassuring as to how much it doesn't bother them.

10. Your confidence is boosted.

11. You start answering "yes" when people ask if you're gay.

12. You change your Facebook "interested in" section.

13. You start unleashing the gay tendencies you've been holding back.

14. You're now everyone's "gay best friend."

15. You go to a gay club for the first time.

16. You're suddenly making out with another dude.

17. The closet's been smashed to pieces.