17 Cats Who Are Underwhelmed With "The Conjuring" Trailer

Probably because it’s 2013 and they’re sick of paranormal plot remakes. Meow.

This is the trailer for The Conjuring, in theaters July 19th. Despite ad claims that it’s based off of a true story, startling trailer images, and a director with a rather impressive horror movie past, these cats are not impressed.

1. “It’s just that, well, I saw Insidious,” said this kitten. “And the idea of another haunting movie puts me to sleep.”

2. “Same,” added his feline friend.

4. “Do we really need this after three sequels to Paranormal Activity? THREE?”

5. “I guess we could look at some scenes. Whatever.”

6. “Clapping is supposed to be scary?”

7. “Even kittehs can clap. That’s not horror.”

8. “Oh, something eerie appeared behind Patrick Wilson’s character?”

“That’s so different from Insidious, where this creepy guy appeared behind Patrick Wilson’s character.”

9. “Is there gonna be anything new in this film?”

“I mean, I at least hope there’s some sort of supernatural floating, or maybe, I don’t know, maybe a kind of drifting or flying motion or something, that, you know, like, happens inexplicably. That’d be new.”

11. “IT’S MOVING! IT’S MOVING ON IT’S OWN!” *jaw drops*

12. “I’m scarier than this shit. What’s next?”

14. “Honestly, whatever.”

15. “Ugh… Maybe I’ll read the IMDb synopsis once it premieres. But I’m not paying money for this.”

16. “It’s not a haunting. It’s not a possession. And it’s probably not gonna be a great horror movie.”

17. “It’s Paranormal Activity 5, is what it is.”

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