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    Generation Z: Already Way Cooler Than You

    Hold on to your socks, there’s a new gen in town. We bent down and got the scoop on all those under 18 tots, tweens and teens you haven’t even noticed yet.

    1. They’re named after your great grammy and grampy.

    Say adios to Aiden, the top boy names for Gen Z are William and Jack. The top girl names are Lily and Chloe (Nation Swell).

    2. And they’re makin’ it rain.

    Gen Z has $200 billion of direct and $1 trillion of indirect buying power (Omelet’s Wake Up Quarterly).

    3. But they’re keeping it all to themselves.

    57% of Gen Z’ers said they would rather save money then spend it (Forbes).

    4. Unless it’s from mommy and daddy.

    60% of teens have substantially influenced their parents’ final decision on which car to buy (, 12 January 2012).

    5. Or for some grub.

    Gen Z’ers spend more money on food and drinks than anything else; their favorite eatery is Starbucks (Business Insider).

    6. But they’ve got hearts of gold.

    60% of Gen Z wants to have an impact on the world (compared to 39% of Millennials) (Business Insider) and 77% are concerned about children around the world dying of preventable disease (Sparks & Honey).

    7. Unless you try to take away their phones. Then they might cut a bitch.

    The average Gen Z’er spends 10 hours and 19 minutes on technology per day (Nation Swell), and 87% of Gen Z teens sleep with their phones (Flourish Anyway).

    8. Their social circles will put yours to shame.

    26% would need to fly to meet most of their friends on their social networks (Sparks & Honey).

    9. They’re going to take over the world.

    72% want to start a business someday (Sparks & Honey).

    10. And they’ll never. Sit. Still.

    The average Gen Z’er will have 17 jobs and 15 homes in their lifetime (Edudemic).

    We can’t wait to see what they do next.

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