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    This Cotton Candy Wizard Will Mesmerize You With His Sorcery

    Gonna make your life so sweet.

    This dude is FIRED UP about cotton candy.

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    And he's still bumpin' that Chemical Brothers like it's 1999.

    Wait – that's a floating ball of cotton candy.

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    Where did you learn such sorcery, sunglasses-hanging-from-polo-shirt-guy?


    "JK, I'm back."

    Not impressed? Lemme hit you with a moonwalk.

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    Have you ever done a moonwalk + ANYTHING in your life?

    Oh, and somewhere in the middle of all that dancing, he made it look like a heart.

    Facebook: video.php

    Although this customer wasn't too impressed at waiting two whole minutes for a sugar cloud that will melt in his mouth within seconds.

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