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    33 Experiences Anyone Who's Worked In A Mall Has Had

    You: ~Hi!~ Customer: Just looking.

    1. You've encountered a customer who was waiting outside an hour before you open.

    2. You've "networked" with employees from other stores so you could all get discounts for each other.

    3. People assumed you had answers to their 73 questions about EVERY OTHER STORE in the mall.

    4. You've slowly lost your faith in humanity.

    I want to murder whoever did this #retailproblems

    5. You've had to park in a sketchy-ass faraway parking lot during the holidays.

    6. You've had a customer walk in right when you’re about to close. And they've got a RETURN.

    7. You've had the guys at the security kiosk catcall you as walked by during your break.

    8. You've folded a set of clothing and watched someone destroy it within seconds.

    9. You've endured that pleasant moment when you say "Hi" and the customer responds with "JUST LOOKING."

    10. You've had customers weird you out when they called you by name from across the store.

    11. You've discovered new ways to entertain yourself on slow days.

    The joys of working in retail…#retailproblems

    12. You've experienced the pain of checking the schedule and seeing you're closing on BLACK FRIDAY.

    13. You've constantly come across that lifer who hops from one mall job to another.

    14. You've watched customers talk on their phone while you rang them up.

    15. You've come to dread these words: INVENTORY DAY.

    16. You've spent way too much money shopping at your own store.

    17. THIS became your go-to meal. It only cost $1.63.

    We are forever eating at work 😂 it's so hard to resist not buying anything when you work at the mall

    18. You've had a customer try to get a refund for an item they've *CLEARLY* used.

    19. Your manager has warned you to watch out for ~MYSTERY SHOPPERS~

    20. Trying to open and organize hundreds of shipment boxes in a tiny hallway.

    21. You've had to go on a food run during the holidays and endure the massive lines at the food court.

    22. You've had to eat alone at the food court or in the break room when it's dead.

    23. You've had people think they can charm you into giving them your employee discount.

    24. You've caught impatient customers removing clothes from mannequins.

    25. You've had a customer threaten to "call corporate" and get you fired.

    26. You've suffered with parents who let their kids run wild and expected YOU to keep an eye on them.

    27. You've had to put on a brave face when spotting a shoplifter.

    28. You've struggled to keep your cool around a seasonal associate who's gunning for your job.

    29. You've had to get in the middle of shouting matches between unruly customers.

    30. You've had a customer try to fool you with an expired coupon.

    31. You've had a customer try to get your attention when you're walking out to take your break.

    32. After dealing with rude customer after rude customer, you've trained yourself to resist punching people on sight.

    33. When your shift was almost over, you counted down the minutes until you could do this: