Rest Easy, The Trivago Guy Has Turned His Life Around

    He's all cleaned up! Sort of.

    The Trivago Guy, the perpetually disheveled spokesdude for, is turning his life around.

    Remember when he looked like he had just slept off a hangover... in his car?

    Those glassy eyes, that 5 o'clock shadow...

    ... That "I've-been-playing-Texas-Hold-'Em-at-the-casino-for-48-hours-straight" neck...

    ... And the sadness in his smile.

    All of this made you ask yourself: WHAT IS GOING ON IN YOUR LIFE, TRIVAGO GUY?!

    And then, you couldn't stop thinking about Trivago Guy:

    SCARY STORY: The doorbell rings. You look out your front window. The Trivago guy is standing on your front porch asking for a glass of water

    Had another dream about Trivago guy. He taught me how to use a silencer and how to use battery acid to burn off my fingerprints.

    Anyone else get filled with rage when they see the Trivago guy & his no belt pants? No? Just me? Carry on.

    The Trivago guy seems like he'd be a little too eager to drive the babysitter home.

    Anyone else feel like that hungover looking Trivago guy would be under the bed with a hanky and chloroform no matter what room you booked?

    The Trivago guy needs to find a hotel near a men's store.

    Worry no more. The Trivago Guy is cleaning up his act.