27 Realities Of Growing Up With A Mexican Dad

    Yep, they watch novelas too.

    1. They may not admit it, but they love watching telenovelas.

    My dad likes watching novelas when there's no soccer to watch

    2. They complain about how terrible Mexico's soccer team is doing.

    3. They will adamantly refuse help when they set up a piñata at a party.

    My dad doin the most for a pi༚ta

    4. They'll wear any T-shirt regardless of what brand it is or what logo is on it.

    5. They'll consider picking up stuff that people leave on the curb.

    6. No boxer will ever compare to this guy:

    7. They've got one of these in their closet:

    8. Or these:

    9. Or these:

    10. Even if they're goofballs, they get super serious when their daughters bring a boy home.

    "@nakiachyanne: crying😂😂😂😂 “@princessstacy_: #MexicanDadsBeLike 😂😂 ”" AKA my dad 

    11. Don't even think about getting close to the grill when they're grilling carne asada.

    12. They don't believe in taking a six-pack to a party.

    13. They've got a stash of chiles de arbol ready for every meal.

    14. They're not into showing much emotion...

    15. ... Until a Chente song comes on.

    16. They will NOT let go of their mustaches...

    17. They'll tell you not to waste money on a mechanic because they can fix anything.

    18. This is their idea of a fast food restaurant:

    19. When they come back from Mexico, they bring back nothing but cheese.

    20. They gave you a little taste of beer when you were a kid.

    21. They've also got a stash of '80s "sexicomedias."

    22. They're not up on the fact that there are more underwear options than "tighty whities."

    23. They still believe this is the #1 hangover cure.

    24. They're born in Mexico but love wearing USA socks.

    25. Their wallets were made for more than just cash.

    26. They'll tell you to tuck in your shirt because otherwise you'll "look like a cholo."

    27. They've sacrificed a lot so you wouldn't have to...