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    12 People Who Look Exactly Like Drake

    Aubrey, is that you?

    1. White Guy Drake:

    please take a moment to enjoy: white guy who looks like drake

    2. Popeye's Chicken Drake:

    Kendrick's Verse Wasn't Even That Serious My Guy Smh @Drake #CalmDown

    3. Toddler Drake:

    The fact that this little boy looks exactly like Drake, amazes me.

    4. Dorky Doc Drake:

    5. Austin Mahone At A Very Specific Angle Drake:

    he kind of looks like drake in this picture bye

    6. In-N-Out Burger Drake:

    7. Mexican Dude In a Bathrobe Drake:

    8. Musclebound Miami Beach Drake:

    9. Mexican Singer Christian Castro Drake:

    10. Bathroom Selfie Drake:

    11. Major League Baseball Pitcher Drake:

    12. OK, That's A Stretch But I See It Drake:

    What do you think, Drizzy?