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    29 Life Lessons You Learned From "Workaholics"

    Lookin' like a boss though... in head-to-toe Costco.

    1. Make the most out of your weekend.

    2. Be proud of your roots.

    3. Romance is not a lost art.

    4. No dream is too big.

    5. Don't mix business and pleasure.

    6. Respect everyone's space.

    7. Always keep a to-do list to stay efficient.

    8. Drug tests are nothing to be anxious about.

    9. Don't judge a book by its cover.

    10. Fashion can be fickle.

    11. A few words of support can go a long way.

    12. Don't be afraid to speak up.

    13. Communication with your co-workers is key.

    14. Everyone needs their personal sanctuary.

    15. Beauty can be a curse.

    16. You will go to extreme measures to protect the things you love.

    17. Relationships can't work without empathy.

    18. Know your rights.

    19. Always respect your co-workers' belongings.

    20. Physical activity is a great stress reliever.

    21. A kindred spirit is always near.

    22. Don't feel guilty about missing a few days at the gym.

    23. Everyone has bad hair days.

    24. A lesson learned is a lesson earned.

    25. Always be prepared.

    26. If you look good, you'll feel good.

    27. Inspiration can come from anywhere.

    28. Animals are people, too.

    29. And friends are forever.