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    • omarf5

      1, having an intro with talking and explaining everything every time is fucking of thrones intro is amazing, with the map and cities…and the effort they put in the cities is amazing, xena barely puts efforts in cities, even reuses the same images for different cities/buildings (eg. temple of saturn)
      2, thats renly baratheon..obviously the person who wrote this ddnt watch game of thrones closely enough..and having2characters every time is boring, many characters is more interesting.
      3, xena’s historical periods are out of wack, and has nothing to do with history, especially not greek history. if anything, they confuse history all up together in very wrong and inaccurate ways. game of thrones is more based on history.
      4, girl on girl wrestling isntareason for xena being better
      5,ihate the chakrum, its not physically possible for it to act in this way, at times its silly actually…u rly should look into the deep history and significance of valyrian steel..
      6, having that noise isntaproper reason for it to be better, plus it cud get silly and overused at times..and yes that noise is in game of thrones, in essos
      7, joffrey’s presence makes the show more interesting, people’s emotions get worked up when they see him cz of how much they hate him..thatsastrongpoint for the movie, notaweakpoint..itsanew way to appeal to audience, through hate, it doesnt have to always lovewattachment
      8, the writer is complaining about the confusing and barely explained parts in Xena, thatsareason to hate xena not prefer it
      9,idoubt thats the khal drogo character. and even if it was, notavalid reason for xena to be better..actors play several parts all the time and the movie or series is still, lucy lawless played other roles in other movies as well.
      10, brienne isabad ass…certainly not more than xena, but brienne’s badassness is believable and physically possible at least
      11, punching cameras in the face is no valid reason, its just an of thrones has tons of camera interactions as well.

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