26 Reasons Teesside Is The Most Glorious Part Of The North-East

It’s not all smog and parmos.

Teesside tends to be deemed the maligned little bro of the North East of England, countlessly winning ‘worst place to live in the UK’ titles.

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1. We’re here to show you it’s NOT like a scene from Billy Elliot - it’s actually pretty good.

Robert Cook / Via Flickr: 112756724@N02

2. Wherever you are in Teesside, it’s probably less than 10 minutes away from stunning countryside.

Flickr: bethmoon527 / Via Creative Commons

This is at the top of Roseberry Topping, where for hundreds of years climbers have carved their names into the rocks at the top.

3. Pretty nice, huh?

Flickr: marskecass / Via Creative Commons

4. And this is Cleveland Way.

Flickr: allan_harris / Via Creative Commons

5. This is a stone’s skim from Redcar, where scenes were filmed for the Oscar-winning film Atonement.

flickr.com / Via Robert Cook

6. The view of the steel works is strangely beautiful.

Robert Cook / Via Flickr: 112756724@N02

7. The industrial skyline inspired Sir Ridley Scott (who grew up in Stockton) in the film Blade Runner.

Flickr: wild-wood / Via Creative Commons

8. Not only is Teesside beautiful, but it’s also cultural…

Flickr: oinkylicious / Via Creative Commons

MIMA (that’s Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art) has housed the work of artists from Picasso to Anish Kapoor, and works with the community through outreach projects.

9. The music scene is small but perfectly formed.

Sound It Out is the only vinyl record shop left in Teesside. With a SXSW Accepted documentary based around it and the friendliest staff around, we reckon it’s all we need.

10. We’ve given rise to some pretty good music…

Paul Smith, singer of Maximo Park, is from Billingham.

11. Whitesnake (the masters of Dad-rock) are fronted by David Coverdale, who is from Saltburn.

Flickr: dr_shpongle / Via Creative Commons

12. As well as this glorious Tees-folk song.

13. And of course there’s the people…

Bob Mortimer, half of one of the best comedy double acts of all time, is from Acklam.

14. The great explorer Captain James Cook grew up in Marton, Middlesbrough.

Flickr: 14958189@N06 / Creative Commons

15. A Teessider invented matches.

tumblr.com / Via The Breakfast Club/ Universal Pictures

John Walker of Stockton, to be more precise, invented the Friction Match in 1826.

16. The late great Richard Griffiths was from Thornaby.

Flickr: jvk / Via Creative Commons

17. The Sydney Harbour Bridge was constructed by a Middlesbrough company.

Flickr: davemanwell / Via Creative Commons

Dorman Long won the contract, and it took 1,400 men eight years to build.

18. The first public railway in the world was in Stockton and Darlington.

It basically spurred the Industrial Revolution, don’tcha know?

19. The mighty Parmo.

Flickr: pritch / Via Creative Commons

The takeaway of choice for pretty much every Teessider. Originally a ‘Chicken Parmigiana’: chicken, breadcrumbs, bechamel sauce, lots of cheese. Best enjoyed drunk.

20. The Grade II listed Middlesbrough Empire is the most beautiful gig venue and nightclub.

It’s a working theatre built in 1897. Charlie Chaplin once performed there!

21. You can go to the pub with a fiver and come back with change.

That’s £1 for a half, £1.50 for a pint at PoundPub in Stockton.

22. Yarm - the quaintest little town in Teesside.

Via Olivia Swash / BuzzFeed

Yarm won the accolade of Britain’s best high street a few years ago.

23. We have some “unusual” landmarks - but you can’t make fun of them. Only Teessiders can.

Flickr: ilike / Via / Creative Commons

Anish Kapoor’s big net… thing… Yep.

24. Redcar’s Beacon, or the ‘Vertical Pier’.

Flickr: marskecass / Via Creative Commons

25. The Transporter Bridge. Does what it says on the tin.

Flickr: mark-williams / Via Creative Commons

26. And if you’re still not convinced, we think Jeff Stelling puts it perfectly…

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