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26 Reasons Teesside Is The Most Glorious Part Of The North-East

It's not all smog and parmos.

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2. Wherever you are in Teesside, it's probably less than 10 minutes away from stunning countryside.

Flickr: bethmoon527 / Via Creative Commons

This is at the top of Roseberry Topping, where for hundreds of years climbers have carved their names into the rocks at the top.


8. Not only is Teesside beautiful, but it's also cultural...

Flickr: oinkylicious / Via Creative Commons

MIMA (that's Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art) has housed the work of artists from Picasso to Anish Kapoor, and works with the community through outreach projects.

9. The music scene is small but perfectly formed.

Sound It Out is the only vinyl record shop left in Teesside. With a SXSW Accepted documentary based around it and the friendliest staff around, we reckon it's all we need.

10. We've given rise to some pretty good music...

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Paul Smith, singer of Maximo Park, is from Billingham.


12. As well as this glorious Tees-folk song.

20. The Grade II listed Middlesbrough Empire is the most beautiful gig venue and nightclub.

It's a working theatre built in 1897. Charlie Chaplin once performed there!

21. You can go to the pub with a fiver and come back with change.

That's £1 for a half, £1.50 for a pint at PoundPub in Stockton.


26. And if you're still not convinced, we think Jeff Stelling puts it perfectly...

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