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The One Thing You Never Noticed About "Hannah Montana: The Movie"

Four years before Miley Cyrus swung into our lives on a wrecking ball, her farewell to Hannah Montana may have foretold the future.

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We all remember the 2009 classic, Hannah Montana: The Movie.

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It was the end of an era. Hannah took off her wig and revealed her secret...

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...all to prove her love for this country cutie.

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Seriously, he was really hot.

But at the beginning of the movie, we see where Miley may have drawn some inspiration for her later work.

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There is a hilarious (*cough*) scene where Miley decides to get in touch with her inner-farm girl and collect eggs from the chicken coop.

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In typical dramatic fashion, Miley begins to feed the chickens while swinging on a rope.

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Remind you of anything?

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Watch the full clip here:

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