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    16 "Friends" Lines for Singles to Use this Valentine's Day

    Because we're all just going to be binge-watching "Friends" on Netflix alone this Valentine's Day, anyways. Keep a look out for these funny lines that are sure to make even those of us who are single have a good laugh! Remember to stay positive - the feeling of #15 is only temporary.

    1. When someone asks the inevitable, “You’re single, right?”:

    2. When they go on to ask if you’re “single and ready to mingle”:

    3. When you're thinking about your ex:

    4. When you put on perfume/cologne after the shower in a last-minute attempt to attract a Valentine:

    5. When you do leave the house and see couples making out everywhere:

    6. When you start second-guessing yourself looking at all these people who aren't single:

    7. When you then realize you’re better than that and you should have a significant other:

    8. When someone notices that you’re freaking out and asks how you’re doing:

    9. When the person you like doesn’t even acknowledge that you exist:

    10. When your also-single friend asks you why the guy she likes didn’t ask her out:

    11. When a person in a happily-committed relationship tells you all about them and their significant other:

    12. When it’s finally time for the best part of your single Valentine’s Day:

    13. When you later question your weight for how much pizza and chocolate you’ve eaten all day:

    14. When your friend tries comforting you by saying you’re single because no one is good enough for you:

    15. When you can't help but consider every single person’s worst fear:

    16. But don’t worry, you’ll find that special someone. Here’s what to say when you do meet them: