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16 "Friends" Lines for Singles to Use this Valentine's Day

Because we're all just going to be binge-watching "Friends" on Netflix alone this Valentine's Day, anyways. Keep a look out for these funny lines that are sure to make even those of us who are single have a good laugh! Remember to stay positive - the feeling of #15 is only temporary.

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10. When your also-single friend asks you why the guy she likes didn’t ask her out:

johnkrasinski-deactivated201305 Tumblr / Via giphy

But it doesn't matter, because you know she'd accept almost anyone at this point.

14. When your friend tries comforting you by saying you’re single because no one is good enough for you:

MRW i cant drive my roomate to work and he says "Come on just do it" reddit / Via giphy

Not one person? Really?

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