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Thoughts And Feelings You Have When You’re Trying Something New

It's okay to be different and try new things.

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1. Wow, this is a cool idea, different. I’ll give it a try.


You get yourself all pumped up.

2. You do research on said subject.

3. Then you start to question...

Why aren’t my friends doing it?

Is it weird?

What if I fail at it?

Conclusion: I just won’t tell anyone.


Yes, you are the first person to ever think of that one.

4. You start said activity and begin to think...

Okay, so it’s kind of hard.


Don't stop trying!

When I tell people, what will they say?


You can't let what other people say bother you or change your mind.

Then you realize...

You know what, I really like this. I'm going to continue to pursue it.


Don't worry about your friends and what they think about your new passion or hobby. As Mike Stud said, "Cause the same people asking why you're doing it/will ask you how you did it...Stay committed to your vision."

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