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I Went To A Macklemore Concert After The Orlando Shooting And It Was The Most Moving Experience Ever

Love always wins.

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Macklemore is best known for his funky songs such as "Let's Eat" and "Thrift Shop".

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Video - Caroline Fahey / Song - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

This is from his performance at Agganis Arena in Boston, MA.

Okay, so now to the extremely moving part. He is my favorite artist. I had to wait four years before I finally had the opportunity to see him live.


In a word, it was amazing. I honestly did not think he would say more than a few words on the devastating shooting in Orlando, but he said a whole lot more than just a few words.

The whole arena was silent as he lovingly gave his condolences. But Macklemore did not stop there. He poetically preached about love and acceptance. He spoke about how we are all equals no matter our religion, skin color, or sexual orientation. He spoke eloquently. Macklemore told stories about his family members and friends who are gay. Everyone, on some level, was able to relate. I have never in my life heard thousands of people go completely silent as one man speaks. Every so often during his speech, the crowd would erupt with cheers in agreement and in support. I know I can not fully give that special feeling justice. It was simply beautiful.

I know that one man's words can not fix what has been done and those who have been hurt. But Macklemore still found a way to connect. He used his platform of fame for good instead of evil. Currently, there is a lot of hate. There is too much hate. But that feeling that Macklemore gave to the crowd was one of empowerment. It was a feeling of community. Everyone in that arena was supporting and loving one another. Macklemore made sure that the crowd knew that love is always stronger than hate. He made sure that we knew that we could make things better. Below is a short clip of "Same Love," a song he wrote about equal rights and performed after his speech.

"Same Love" - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

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Video - Olivia Gaynor / Song - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis / Via

This video segment may be brief, but after his amazing talk, this song was just exquisite. You could literally feel the love.

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