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I Figured Out How To Create a Pair Of Lucky Underwear

You're welcome, world.

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Oh, hey there! My name is Olivia, and I proudly admit that I have a pair of lucky underwear.

Now don't fret, I wash them after every use.
Matt Grosswald

Now don't fret, I wash them after every use.

A question that I receive when I mention in casual conversation that I have a pair of lucky underwear is, "How can a pair of panties be lucky?"


Allow me to explain.

Whenever I feel like I need good luck, I put on this underwear. Without a doubt, I always have an amazing 24 hours.


For real, it just works.

Recently, I put on the pair of undies in need of a lucky day, but to be quite blunt, it was pretty awful.


Yep, it did.

So at the end of my night when I was distraught and upset that my panties hadn't done their duty, I took a deep breath and thought.


I wanted so badly to claim that I had a good day even though it was obvious I didn't. I didn't want my favorite panties to let me down. I realized that I was going out of my way to find the good in the day, which is something I always try to do, but struggle with. And that was pretty cool.

So I decided to list out some of the positive things that did happen to me here:

1. One of my friends sat and listened to me vent for a long period of time and she didn't try to fix anything. She just let me express myself. I greatly appreciated this.

2. My other friend legit restored my faith in humanity. She is making the world a better place, and is making a difference. I straight up cried when I heard about her next endeavor. She gave me hope that society and people aren't all bad.

3. I got to spend time with loved ones.

4. I made people laugh and smile.

5. I had a great dance party.

I learned that my lucky underwear isn’t really lucky per say. It's just a vehicle that helped me to focus on the positives rather than focus on the negatives.

Now YOU can have your very own pair of lucky undies!

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