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    Brighten Is The New And Positive App You've Been Looking For

    Go ahead, Brighten up a person's day!

    A couple days ago I got a text from my friend that I assumed was spam or a chain text. I was pretty confused.

    I asked about it and decided to look into the app. My friend told me that it was called Brighten, and it was a compliment app. I thought that was an awesome idea.


    Phil Dunphy would definitely approve.

    How does a compliment app work? After downloading the app and adding some friends you're ready to go. You give anonymous compliments to people. And it's awesome.

    Here is the website's definition of Brighten:


    Everything above is so true.

    Not only is the app for a great cause (yay for compliments!) but there is an amazing story behind the app.

    Our Story

    "On March 31, 2013, my friend Oliver passed away in a rock climbing accident. After he passed, friends from throughout his life began sharing positive memories on his Facebook wall. I wish he could've seen it.

    Inspired, I bought a box, a pen, and a stack of note cards, and then left my newly created "compliment box" on a table outside our campus house. At first it was just "Austin being goofy as usual," but then people started telling their friends about it. Students came from all over campus just to write stuff about their friends and drop it in the "compliment box". Within hours, the box was overflowing.

    Everyone would gather around as we opened the box and read the compliments aloud.

    Some notes were lovey dovey, and others were hilarious. They were fun to write and even more fun to receive.

    It brightened someone's day each time they received an anonymous note, and this app is a way to extend that feeling to as many people as possible."

    -Austin Kevitch

    founder & ceo

    Go check it out and make someone's day that much better!

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