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A Run Down Of Hailee Steinfeld's New, And Obviously Flawless EP, "HAIZ"

Things are going to get a little HAIZy

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1. Love Myself

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SO, it's awesome. This is definitely a track that you've heard before. If you haven't...I'm not sure where you've been. It is an upbeat and uplifting acceptance anthem. Love Myself highlights the mindset of a more understanding generation.

2. You're Such A

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This beat is hella amazing. You're Such A will be stuck in your head in minutes. It's extremely sassy and fabulous. This track is Hailee as Ms. Independent. You go girl, you go!

3. Rock Bottom

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This is going to be your new jam for sure. The song has a really different sound that is all Hailee. If you've ever gone back and forth with whether or not a relationship was worth having, you will definitely relate to this song.

4. Hell Nos And Headphones

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Literally can't even. She is one of the few artists who is 100% honest in her lyrics. In Hell Nos And Headphones she talks all about sticking to her beliefs. This song is a real winner, just like Hailee.

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