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8 Thoughts You Have At The Chiropractor

Let's get crackin'!

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1. You decide that you're in significant pain and really need to go


"Ow, my body hurts."

2. You lay down on the contraption and have the heat pads on your back and at first you think, "this is nice!"

3. But after about 2 minutes, your body hurts laying there and you think, "Doctor, please come back now."

4. You feel like you have been flat on your face for centuries

5. The doctor finally comes in and you'd think that God was appearing to save you from your crippling pain

6. Then you make lots of sounds and tell your doctor what a great job they did


"Oh yeah!" "There we go!" "That's the spot!"

7. Everything is good until we reach neck cracking time when he tells you to "relax" and you just can't so you tense up more

8. Then he distracts you and BAM, you're cracked



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