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26 Times Stephen Amell Was Everything

Goals. Just goals.

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1. When he redefined "dad bod"

2. When he was making the world a better place

3. When he was an adorable family man

4. When he looked at his daughter lovingly

5. When he was best friends with his cousin here

6. And here

7. And here

8. And OF COURSE during Amell Wednesdays

9. When he laughed

10. When he and his baby were perfection

11. When he did this

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12. When he hung out with his buddies

13. When he was looking extremely dapper

14. When his face, well, looked like this

15. When his sweat game was on point

16. When he made a casual outfit look elegant

17. When he and his wife were all things adorable

18. When he made hiking look somewhat tolerable

19. When his stare made you drool

20. When he shined beautifully in this white tux

21. When he was model status

22. When he pulled off the preppy look with ease

23. When he made toys look dangerous

24. When his jawline was so, "dat jawline though"

25. When he was proud of his home

26. When everything about him was perfection

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