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18 Times Bailee Madison's Tweets Were All Things Perfect

"I ate all the pizza"

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1. When she spoke the truth

both of my feet are asleep so I'm awkwardly jumping around the house trying to get them to wake up

Via Twitter: @BaileeMadison

We've all stamped our feet like idiots trying to get them to wake up...We've all been there.

2. When she appreciated every little thing in her life

Can't stop smiling right now. I'm home with my family, in our kitchen, music is on and I'm dancing while cooking. #thesearethemoments

Via Twitter: @BaileeMadison

*Prays that you'll be adopted into her family*

3. When she was totally the mom of her friend group

Hope you had a wonderful & safe Halloween 🎃

I feel you girl, same here.

4. When she, like the rest of the internet, was obsessed with cats

It's #NationalCatDay . I want a cat. I'm allergic to cats. Why do I have to be allergic to cats. Oh cats.

Cat power, am I right?

5. When decided to share her feelings with the world...

About to hit send on my latest tumblr piece... Hope it inspires one of you somehow 💕 Tumblr: xobaileemadison

6. ...And then ended up changing the world with her words

The 5 things I've learned in the past few months & what made me share them with you: Be kind, Bailee

7. When she knew the importance of a well-balanced meal

I just ordered French toast and fried chicken...... but I got berries too so there ya go. #NoShame

8. When she too was obsessed with the perfection that is Adele

"I must've called a thousand times"

9. When her advice game was hella strong

So today, I took a chance... And I encourage you to do the same tomorrow 💕


10. When she took adorable to a whole new level

11. When she understood the struggles of people everywhere

#ScaryStoryIn5Words I ate all the pizza

Isn't that always how it goes?

12. When she casually hung out at the White House


13. When her connection and dedication towards her fans was like no other

Words can't describe the amount of love you filled my heart with today. Thank you for the best 16th birthday a girl could ever ask for 💕

14. When she constantly tried to make the world a better place

Couldn't go to bed without another inspiration challenge: Tomorrow do one thing you've always wanted to do &amp; encourage others to do the same

You're doing it Bailee.

15. When she was a proud aunt

OWN IT Bailee, own it.

16. When she was the most adorable child in history

Step aside Josh.

17. When she casually hung out with Taylor Swift

One week since @taylorswift13 &amp; I brought this emoji--&gt; 💁 to life. #takemeback #1989TourToronto

18. Lastly, when she knew what was important and how to inspire others

My challenge for you is to choose respect... ❤️ Be it in a relationship, friendship or even respecting yourself

Thank you Bailee!

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