16 Times Stephen Amell Proved He's The Purest Human Being On The Planet

    So pure. So good.

    1. When he let his daughter give him a pedicure.

    2. When he did this little fun activity.

    3. When his mom said ✌🏼 to cancer

    4. When he simply lifted up his shirt.

    5. When he celebrated Halloween in style with his little lion.

    6. When he was a total baller.

    7. When he was hecking adorable with his perfect little family.

    8. Come on now, I can't even do one of those knee push-ups...

    9. When he let people see his inner beauty (literally).

    10. This. Man. Is. A. MACHINE.

    11. When he had a little R&R on set.

    12. Again, I'm still unable to do a single push-up.

    13. When he took this awkward AF plane selfie and was still a 13/10.

    14. When he got to chill with Cassie and her tricked out wheelchair.

    15. When he had a back.

    16. And finally, when he stood up to pediatric cancer.

    Stay beautiful. Stay golden.

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