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16 Great Things That Can, Will, Or Have Happened To You

Life can be the nicest place to be.

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1. You get into college


You have EARNED it.

2. You meet a new person and become best friends


It is the relationship that you've been searching for for so long.

3. You nail your job interview


Tbh, it you knew you killed it.

4. You take time for yourself to just calmly be by yourself

5. You become more open minded


Say like, if your two best friends got together. I don't know, I'm just throwing it out there.

6. You go to your favorite restaurant and eat everything


Treat yo self.

7. You get engaged to your best friend


Partners in crime!

8. You get married to this awe-inspiring person

9. You spend time with your family and it is adorable and all things perfect

10. You bake chocolate chip cookies


And then you quickly inhale them.

11. Someone who you care so deeply about tells you how much they appreciate and love you

12. You have finally realized that you cannot control everything

13. You smile at someone and unknowingly make their day

14. You travel through a fast paced city and fall in love with everything about it

15. You're simply happy

16. You realize there are millions of amazing moments left in your precious life

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