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16 Celebrities Reimagined As Colleges

Because getting into an Ivy is just as hard as getting into Taylor Swift's squad.

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1. Taylor Swift - Yale University

Evan Agostini / AP

Just like Taylor's tight circle of friends, it's hard to get in to Yale. Once you're there though, it's even harder to stay.

2. Kanye West - University of Rochester

The University of Rochester allows their students to build and create their own path. Kanye is extremely unique and would definitely be University of Rochester.

3. Kylie Jenner - University of Alabama

Kylie is the essence of the University of Alabama. She is fun and exciting and represents University of Alabama in a nutshell.

4. Drake - University of California Santa Cruz

Mark Blinch / Reuters

This just seems to fit. Go Banana Slugs!!

5. Justin Timberlake - Berklee College of Music

Because Justin is everything the music industry is and wants to be.

6. Carrie Underwood - Rhodes College

Terry Wyatt / WireImage

It's right in the beautiful state of Tennessee. Tennessee is the home of country music and Carrie would fit right in there.

7. Adele - Occidental College

Occidental College is full of people who are cool with themselves. Adele knows exactly who she is. Hell, who else would turn down the SuperBowl halftime show?

8. Beyoncé - Harvard University

This doesn't need any explanation.

9. Joe Jonas - Carnegie Mellon University

You're lying if you didn't think Joe was the most artistically talented brother in the Jo Bros. Obviously, Joe Jonas is Carnegie Mellon.

10. Emma Watson - Brown University

Well, duh.

11. Kristen Wiig - Muhlenberg College

Kristin Wiig is underrated in the acting world as is Muhlenberg's amazing theatre program. Kristin Wiig is to Muhlenberg College as mimosas are to brunch.

12. Jennifer Aniston - DeVry University

In 2014, DeVry had the most transfer students...Jennifer Anniston always has trouble staying in one place with one guy.

13. Lady Gaga - Oberlin College

Just like Lady Gaga, Oberlin College is a place of pure acceptance. They are equally amazing.

14. Melissa McCarthy - New York University


A big personality needs a big city to live in. Also, the acting scene is hella amazing there. Melissa is NYU.

15. Chris Pratt - Bucknell University

TBH, I just naturally associated Bucknell with Chris Pratt.

16. Zac Efron - James Madison University

Honestly, they are just both extremely beautiful.

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