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15 Times Hailee Steinfeld Was Everything

She can do no wrong.

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1. When she was a flawless tiger


2. When she knew how to laugh at herself

Hey guys!

3. When she was adorably eager in Pitch Perfect 2

4. When she looked incredibly elegant with Ansel

So classy.

5. When she promoted self-love

6. When she was the best "Flashlight" in the world

Guide us Hailee, guide us.

Guide us Hailee, guide us.

7. When she was J chillin' in a hammock

8. When she was hanging with Taylor

"Hey Hailee! What did you do today?""Oh, nothing. Just hung out with Taylor Swift."

"Hey Hailee! What did you do today?"

"Oh, nothing. Just hung out with Taylor Swift."

9. When she was like, "hell yes I spell my name Hailee."

Step aside Haley!

Step aside Haley!

10. When her eyebrows were on fleek

Dani Brubaker / Via

11. When she was the perfect Juliet

12. When her life also revolved around pizza

Atta girl.

Atta girl.

13. When she rocked the stage with Shawn Mendes

14. When her lipstick game was hella strong

15. When she was just naturally perfect

Cute sweater, btw.

Cute sweater, btw.

You keep being you, Hailee!

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