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14 Things That Happen When You're Bored Out Of Your Mind

We've all been there.

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1. You check Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, ect. constantly, but nothing seems to be going on


Nothing. You know nothing.

2. You look at your phone every minute


Aaaaaaaaaand nothing is happening. Still.

3. You start five different shows on Netflix and don't finish any of them


Next. Next. Next.

4. You literally sit in your bed and do NOTHING

5. You listen to a ton of music

6. You wallow around for no good reason

7. You try to make plans with your friends but no one is around

8. Then, you realize that there is so much you can do...

9. You start being productive and clean your house


And you're pretty happy doing it!

10. You call your grandma and it makes her day

11. You go out for a walk and take everything in

12. You make yourself a nice, filling meal



13. You catch up with people who you never get a chance to see

14. You end up not having such a boring day, actually, it ends up being pretty great

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