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13 Times Allison Raskin's Tweets Were Too Damn Real

"I bet all my exes are so glad that I don't know how to write songs."

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1. When she shared her tips for preparing for a fun night out.

Friend: "Want to get dinner at 8:30?" Me: "Sure!" *eats warm up dinner around 5:30 by myself*

Crazy times.

2. When she was extremely honest with herself.

If I understand your reference, it wasn't hip.

Know thyself.

3. When she spoke the truth no matter the cost.

Chill out, Walgreens. You're not that hot.

4. When she asked the realest question out there.

I understand that some high school friends remain friends. I just don't understand how.


5. When she accurately described every interaction you have ever had with your crush.

Super Hot Guy: "Hey, how's it going?" Me (so softly no one care hear): "Good."

Him: Hi.

You: askdlkeckjiusf. (Translated: I love you. Will you marry me?)

6. When she made one of the realest points ever.

I bet all of my exes are so glad that I don't know how to write songs.

7. When she legit made you scream, "PREACH!"

Every morning when I wake up, I look forward to going to sleep.

Too. Damn. Real.

8. When she reminded the world that even with all of her success, she was still the same old Allison.

I'm afraid that no matter how successful I get, I will never have a matching pair of socks when I need them.

9. When she shed light on an issue that plagues people all around the world.

I suffer from pee pressure. If my friend goes to the bathroom, I have to go too.

10. When she publicly shared the scariest dream imaginable.

Sometimes I have nightmares about my friends saying "we need another minute" and then the waitress disappears forever.

So brave.

11. When she preached about the hardships of being a hairy woman.

Everyone promised me that it would get less painful over time, but I still cry every time I pluck my eyebrows.


12. When she knew how to make really sad situations even sadder.

It seems like a missed opportunity that I won't be able to write a witty blog post about my own death.

That death blog post would be so damn funny.

13. Lastly, this really personal tweet which shows how important mental health awareness is.

I've already cried this morning. But it's totally cool because three years ago I wouldn't have been able to stop. #WorldMentalHealthDay

So real. So important. ❤️

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