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13 Things To Do When You're Stuck Inside On A Snowy Day

Hey, east coast.

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1. Sleep

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This is your day to hibernate, enjoy it.

2. Binge watch multiple shows on Netflix


We know you do. And now you have an entire day to do just that!

3. Eat an unhealthy amount of food because you need to "stay warm"


It may not be a good reason, but it is a reason.

4. Watch old movies from your childhood

5. Call your grandparents


Because grandparents like to know that you're safe and that the blizzard hasn't killed you.

6. Work out

7. Color in an adult coloring book


Because those things are EXTREMELY satisfying.

8. Do a puzzle

9. Watch an unhealthy amount of YouTube

10. Look at pictures from a warm vacation you took


Well, that may do more harm than good.

11. FaceTime or Skype your friends who are also stuck inside

12. Do some online shopping


Get that thing you've always wanted, but never really had a reason to buy!

13. Play out in the snow


Because you are never too old to have a snowball fight.

Stay safe out there!

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