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13 Responses To Everyone Who Claims That Snow Is The Best Part Of Winter


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5. Don't you just love cracked hands?


Because it doesn't matter how much lotion you plop on your hands every morning, they are still going to crack in the horribleness that is winter.

6. Have you actually ever seen snow? Like, with your eyes?


Obviously not if you like it. Sure, it looks nice for a day. But then it gets all muddy and filled with dog pee. Like a giant yellow snow cone.

9. I get it, you've seen a ton of holiday films where they had snowball fights. Do you know what actually goes down?


Nothing. It's either too cold to move outdoors, or the snow isn't even the right consistency. The snow will literally fall apart in your hands.

12. Do you enjoy going out in public places?


Too bad for you! Snow either keeps you inside, or you go out with 40 pounds of clothing on your back. Who wants to go through the mall with all that?

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