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12 Times You Realized How Physically Weak You Were

Weakness is my greatest strength.

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1. When you couldn't rip a banana off the bunch


Give up before you make a fool out of yourself.

2. When you couldn't even open the container using a can opener

3. When a small child asked you to open their snack and you failed miserably


*I haven't done

4. Which obviously led to when you couldn't open your own snack



5. When you claimed something was really heavy and you couldn't carry it...


You tried to tell them.

6. But your friend carried it with ease


Child's play.

7. When you had a hard time bringing your laundry downstairs


It's not as easy as it looks.

8. When you watched someone lift something heavy and still felt the pain

9. When completing a single push up meant that you were ready for the olympics


Rio 2k16, here I come!

10. When you had to run through the airport with your luggage and needed to stop 40 times to reposition everything

11. When someone needed help carrying something and they asked everyone but you for help

12. When putting on a backpack meant you became a hobbit

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