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12 Times Bobby Flay's Cat, Nacho, Had Better Instagram Captions Than You

Happy International Cat Day! - Nacho

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1. When he bragged about his smarts.

Instagram: @nachoflay

nachoflay: That's right... I've solved the doors .. Can't keep me out of my closet where my food is kept!

2. When he wasn't shy about his talents.

Instagram: @nachoflay

nachoflay: Pole dancer professional... I only take $100's

3. When he opened up about being a primadonna.

Instagram: @nachoflay

nachoflay: As you can see, I like a high thread-count in my sheets. After a long day of hunting and gathering I need my naps to be quality

4. When he had absolutely no shame.

Instagram: @nachoflay

nachoflay: This is what it's like to be hungover after a weekend at #rosecountryday

5. When he gave you a sneak peak at this year's Christmas card.

Instagram: @nachoflay

nachoflay: My dad likes to use an abstract background for our family portraits. #youcanputmedownnow

6. When he brought you back to the '70s

Instagram: @nachoflay

nachoflay: I can double as a shag rug.

7. When he made this subtle joke.

Instagram: @nachoflay

nachoflay: I love many presents filled with catnip.. It's legal in Colorado and California now.

8. When he put himself out there in order to breakdown cat stereotypes.

Instagram: @nachoflay

nachoflay: Cats apparently hate water. I'm changing the stereotype. Shower anyone ?


9. When he was hella honest.

Instagram: @nachoflay

nachoflay: It's about time he got those glasses. I was getting tired of reading menus to him in restaurants.

10. When he enlightened the world about a new and exciting trend.

Instagram: @nachoflay

nachoflay: This is kitty yoga people. Get on board

11. When he was yet again a primadonna.

Instagram: @nachoflay

nachoflay: Sometimes I just don't feel like walking.... So I ride!

12. Lastly, when he celebrated his favorite holiday. Well, after International Cat Day.

Instagram: @nachoflay

nachoflay: It's national Tequila day.. What's better than Nachos and Tequila???

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