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12 Times America Ferrera And Jordin Sparks Were Long Lost Twins


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1. When they were literally #twinning

Same face, check. Same outfit, check. Both flawless, check.

2. When they chose to communicate by way of mircophone

Rich Polk

3. When they rocked that skin tone lipstick

Hells yes.

4. When even their waves were similar

5. When they showed off their gorgeous smiles

Too adorable.

6. When they embraced the spotlight

They both look so damn happy.

7. When they looked deeply into the camera


8. When they were red carpet ready

Their hairline is even the same...

9. When they gave a cute over the shoulder smile

Alright, alright. We see you two.

10. When their eyebrows were on fleek

11. When they dressed up the updo

12. Lastly, when they seemed a bit confused by this whole doppelg├Ąnger situation

I know ladies, it's a bit weird.

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