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11 Moments Only "Pokémon Go" Beginners Will Understand

Which one is Pokémon?

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1. First, you open up the game and don't understand why it tells you to be careful when you're playing.

The Pokémon Company

2. You accidentally hit "Don't Allow" when it asks if it can use your location because you didn't realize that was an integral part of the game.

The Pokémon Company / Via Pokémon Go

3. You get frustrated because you can't find any Pokémon. (It's because you hit "Don't Allow")

4. Thus, you get frustrated and delete the app for the first time.

5. You decide to google how to play.


You still don't really get it.

6. Then, you give it another try.

7. Once you download it again, you can't figure out how to move.


8. You quickly realize that you actually have to walk. So, you walk in circles like an idiot.

9. Of course, those circles you're walking in aren't getting the job done. So you venture out into the world.


I guess that's the Go in Pokémon Go...

10. You're starting to think this is more work than it's worth. Just when you're about to delete the app again, your friends talk you out of it.


11. And after about an hour, you're completely hooked.


Gotta catch 'em all!

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