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11 Questions You Ask Yourself When You Don't Understand Something

Do the best you can.

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1. Am I stupid?


NO. You are not stupid. It's just harder for you to grasp, and that's okay.

2. Why does everyone else seem to get it?


Just focus on yourself and how great you are going to do.

3. Can someone please help me?


Ask everyone who you think may be able to help you. EVERYONE.

4. Why does everything seem so overwhelming?


It's only as bad as you make it; think positively.

5. Why is it that you say you don't understand and then do really well on the exam?

6. Who seems to grasp this?

7. Do you have time to study with me?



8. What's the lowest grade I can get and still do well?


Smartest calculation you made all day.

9. Who has taken this course before and can help?

10. How many hours have I spent looking at the same problem?

11. Why was I so worried about it? I tried my best.


Heck yes you did.

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