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10 Stages Of Going On A Road Trip With Your Sibling

There are many emotions

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1. You get yourself all excited for the 6 hour ride ahead


SO awesome. You get to hang out with your older sibling and become best friends.

2. Then you start driving and the excitement dies down

3. Then you have to pee, eat, or both


It's usually both.

4. Your sibling refuses to stop because they want to arrive by a certain time

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You start threatening and crying because of how uncomfortable you are in so many different ways.

5. Once you finally get a snack and relieve yourself, you want a change in music

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You feel as good as new and want to jam.

6. The driver picks the music and you are not driving


You sit trying to contain your negative comments.

7. Then there is some yelling regarding the music, but it's really only because you need some separation


You will listen to NPR and you will like it!

8. You get to the middle of nowhere and the only station you can get is the preaching one

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Not really the jam you were searching for.

9. This forces the conversation



10. You finally arrive and are sad that your trip is over because even though it was rough at times, you love your sibling


"Hug me brotha (or sister)!"

Because who else is going to give you amazing advice? Only your sibling.

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