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    5 Not-So-Subtle Country Breakup Songs - And The Move From 'Dumped' To 'Liberated'

    Times have changed in the world of breakups. Once upon a time, breakup songs were all about heartbreak and feeling sorry four ourselves. If we’re being honest, breakup songs (for the most part) used to really be about a girl losing her guy and crying about how she’ll ever go on without him. These days, a girl can really stick it to her man when he crosses her, and the world will always back her for standing up for herself. Artists like Carrie Underwood get nothing but praise when they have the confidence to tell a man what they want out of the relationship, and if the man can’t give them that then they’re moving on. Writer for Elite Daily, Chris Riotta researched a study that proved the grass is greener on the other side of a breakup. Students were interviewed about their past relationships, and every single participant listed some positive life changes as a result of their breakup (Elite Daily). You’re about to listen to a few of both song types, but we’ll save the best for last. Regardless of how the breakup went, there’s a certain excitement in knowing the inside story of any situation, and these songs lay it all out for country music lovers letting listener hear every detail of the heartbreak that struck. Sometimes, if we’re lucky and the artist is feeling extra…let’s say passionate, they’ll even describe actual characteristics of the ex or use their real name (see “Dear John” by Taylor Swift). Whether the song leaves them crying until they can’t any longer or lights that fire in them to get up and move on, these country songs spell out stories that let the listener feel like they’re experiencing it right by the artist’s side.

    “I Fall to Pieces” (1961) by Patsy Cline

    “As Soon as I Hang Up the Phone” (1974) by Conway Twitty and Loretta Lynn

    “Before He Cheats” (2006) by Carrie Underwood

    “Dear John” (2010) by Taylor Swift

    “I’m Gonna Miss Her (The Fishin’ Song)” (2002) by Brad Paisley

    Whether you've been dumped over the phone, cheated on, or made the decision to walk away from someone who wasn't right for you, country music artists have written a song for every kind of breakup. Way back when, a breakup song was always a sob story—the woman left behind, playing the victim, wondering what she did wrong. As the years go by, artists, especially female artists, are being praised for standing up for themselves and making a statement against the ones who treated them badly. Maybe songs like "Before He Cheats" wouldn't have been accepted 50 years ago, but they sure are now. Especially for people who have been through one of these breakups, the newer songs help them get off their butts and go on with their lives. Country music is all about community, and these breakup songs that tell a crystal clear story allowing for people to come together and feel like a part of a community—a community of people who've had their hearts broken, and a community of people who will come out on top.