11 Reasons Alice Is Pretty Cool

11/11 is National Corduroy Day and Alice Dubois’ birthday, hence the 11 reasons, get it?

1. First of all, she went to Harvard!

HARRRRRVARD, as Oprah would say.

2. She’s genuinely enthusiastic about everything.

And happy all of the time!

Except for one time,

when her computer died on the last day of work in the old office. It was a sad day.

3. She deals with high maintenance devs

all day long.

4. And helps editors too

5. She is an advocate.

Working as a liaison between editorial and dev.

And brings ideas and resources together

to create a kick-ass CMS!

6. She knows all the best places to eat.

7. She’s a total lightweight

and so much fun!

8. She was on a street hockey team!


9. She has an adorable daughter

That she calls “the tiny human”

10. She’s creative and silly

She wore this handmade costume ALL DAY on Halloween. That’s dedication.

11. She’s determined to succeed.

And then once she succeeds, shares the wealth with everyone :)

Happy Birthday Alice!


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