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    Mar 29, 2020

    22 Thoughts You Have As A Self Care First Timer

    Am I relaxed enough yet?

    1. How do you find out your skin type?

    @Much / GIPHY / Via

    *Rubs face*.

    2. What if this face mask permanently dyes my skin?

    @Much / GIPHY / Via

    Surely this bright blue is going to rub off?

    3. Do these cucumbers actually work?

    @TheBachelorette / ABC / GIPHY / Via

    And should I eat them after?

    4. This £17.99 facial spritz promised to help me find my “zen” but I'm pretty certain it's just water.

    @topshelfrecords / GIPHY / Via

    5. How long is too long to stay in the bath?

    Buena Vista Pictures / GIPHY / Via

    It’s been three and a half hours and I'm pretty certain my wrinkled fingers are never returning to normal at this point...

    6. This is like sitting in a bath full of sand, surely bath salts aren't meant to feel like this?

    NBC / GIPHY / Via

    Why do these oils smell like my Nan?

    7. I know I’m supposed to be taking some time off my phone but...

    @YoungerTV / TV Land / GIPHY / Via

    8. ...But this flat lay of my bath bomb will look so good on Insta.

    @VH1 / VH1 / GIPHY / Via

    If you did self-care but didn't talk about it, did it even happen?

    9. Am I really meditating if every time I close my eyes all I can think about is dinner?

    Paramount / Via

    And what I should watch on Netflix… And where I left my phone…

    10. Does ordering a Dominos count as an act of self-care?

    MTV / GIPHY / Via

    It does make me feel good.

    11. What about having a bottle of wine?

    Comedy Central / GIPHY / Via

    Same as the Dominos, really.

    12. Eating this whole box of chocolates?

    @GilmoreGirls / The WB / GIPHY / Via

    Well, apart from the Turkish delight. Obvs.

    13. Maybe self-care is finally allowing myself to buy a puppy.

    @Crave / Crave / GIPHY / Via

    Scientists claim is it impossible to be unhappy when you're in the company of a dog.

    14. So apparently there are different ways I should be…breathing?

    The CW / GIPHY / Via

    That’s the one thing I thought I could do right.

    15. If self-care means saying no, why is it so hard to do it?

    @Friends / NBC / GIPHY / Via

    “Do you mind if I, er, get back to you?”

    16. Maybe I should get one of those adult colouring books.

    @TaylorSwift / Republic / GIPHY / Via

    Was it always this hard to stay in the lines?

    17. True crime podcasts count if I listen to them next to a scented candle, right?

    @thegoodplace / NBC / GIPHY / Via

    Annnddd relax.

    18. Hang on, you’re telling me a gong bath has absolutely nothing to do with an actual bath?

    @BBC / BBC / GIPHY / Via

    My god, why are they so LOUD?

    19. Seriously, can some people really touch their toes?

    @TVOneTv / TVOne / GIPHY / Via

    I should do one of those ‘Yoga With Adriene,’ videos.

    20. Why *do* they call it a downward dog?

    @TeamCoco / TBS / GIPHY / Via

    Probably not one to dwell on.

    21. Am I beginning to feel more positive?

    @JCPenney / GIPHY / Via

    This is a *totally* new feeling, and I kind of like it.

    22. Now I get why everyone loves this self-care thing.


    I might still not understand bath salts, but I'll be doing more of this.

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