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    17 Questions About Melbourne That The Rest Of Australia Need Answered

    Don't even get me started on what the hell a "magic" coffee is.

    1. Why do you have public holidays for sports?

    I guarantee the day lockdown officially ends in Victoria will become their 115th new public holiday alongside Melbourne Cup, Grand Final Day, Small Bars Day, Laneway Day, Have a Day Off Day, Gambling Day, Dog Races Day, Dog Fight Day, Melbourne Cup Day 2

    Twitter: @prafxis

    Melbourne celebrates the AFL Grand Final and Melbourne Cup by giving everyone the day off and, while I am not complaining, I can't help but wonder about how many Melbournites actually watch sports.

    2. But also, why isn't there a public holiday for the Australian Open Grand Final?

    Another reason we love #LivingInMelbourne

    It’s an iconic tournament and the final match is always a thriller — surely that deserves a public holiday too!

    3. What is more annoying, the weather changing every five minutes or everyone talking about it?

    Melbourne. Most liveable city in the world 7 years running. #melbourne #melbweather #classicmelbourne

    Four seasons in a day should be the tag line as you enter into Melbourne.

    4. Why does everything have to be designer?

    There's a hipster cafe in Melbourne advertising a designer halal snack pack, that includes beer battered chips.

    There is nothing wrong with Halal Snack Packs, why are you trying to change it?

    5. Speaking of, why deconstruct everything?

    A guy at work is eating a "deconstructed salad" or what I would call "raw vegetables" in normal person speak #hipster #Melbourne

    I go out to cafes for someone else to construct my food, I don’t want it deconstructed.

    6. How many laneways do you actually have?

    Wandering around Melbourne looking for cool laneway venues. No, wait, that's just a normal lane with a dumpster and a drunk guy peeing.

    Is this laneway actually a place to eat or actually just a laneway?

    7. Why do you use an avocado to put your coffee in when you’ve got a perfectly good cup right there?

    Go home Melbourne. You're drunk. We've gone too far.

    Does the avocadoey flavour impact the coffee? Is the restaurant trying to cut down on waste? SO many questions.

    8. Then again, do you guys even have regular coffee?

    Mmmm fancy trying a purple sweet potato & peanut butter latte🤔#onlyinmelbourne What's the most interesting coffee you've ever had?☕️#InternationalCoffeeDay

    There is adding sugar to your coffee, then you have Melbourne taking it to the next level.

    9. What’s with the crazy road rules?

    You are in Melbourne when you take a Right turn from the extreme left lane #HookTurn #BloodyConfusing #MelbourneLife

    Be in the left lane to go right — makes sense...not.

    10. And honestly, how do your pedestrians survive?

    Crossing the road between traffic and jumping on a tram before the doors shut is a skill in Melbourne

    I feel like this isn't a skill that should be tested.

    11. And who is in charge of the public transport down there?

    Melbourne metro is at it again. Computer announces "now arriving at Southern Cross" I got on at Southern Cross We're in Richmond

    Also is the tram and the metro two different things? Do you also have trains? AREN'T THEY ALL THE SAME?!

    12. Is no space in Melbourne off limits for art?

    Someone/s has accepted the challenge and made a Rubik's cube and a die. Now will sometime please add cushioning? #BollArt #Melbourne

    Is this why they call it the "creative city"? Tbf, these do look mighty fun.

    13. And is everything now considered art?

    The great man has been spotted Chapel Street, Balaclava @ShaneWarne #onlyinmelbourne

    I mean, of all the things — Shane Warne and a schooner?

    14. Are drinks tastier when drunk higher up?

    Perfect for a night on the roof tonight #rooftopbar #rooftopbarsmelboure #view #melbournecity #thatsmelbourne #cityofmelbourne #cityviews

    It seems rooftop bars are a dime a dozen in Melbs — why are you so obsessed with seeing the concrete jungle constantly?

    15. Why is it so important to have an AFL team?

    🌈 on Saturday at the @mcg for Collingwood vs GWS #aflfinals #afl #aflpiesgiants #mcg #melbourne #rainbow #thatsmelbourne #canon #sportsphotography

    You will definitely get asked what team you back when telling another person that you just moved to Melbourne — be prepared with the correct answer. Spoiler alert: You’ll probably be wrong.

    16. Is this the secret to growing plants?

    Upside down trees? Sure why not Nonda! :) 108 Flinders #thatsmelbourne #melbourne

    The phrase "green thumb" just got a whole new meaning.

    17. And finally, is there anywhere else that you would really want to live?

    Did you know that #Melbourne was named the most #liveable city in the world for seven years in a row? That is a pretty impressive statistic! Moving there? Let us help you! @LittleMelbourne #MovingtoMelbourne #livinginMelbourne #relocationervic

    From city to beach and everything in between, Melbourne was ranked the most liveable city for a reason. Guess you guys are doing something right!

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